Yeah!!! I’m back online!


Yeah! WordPress uploads my pictures. What a wonderful thing! So these pictures show I have been stitching the last few months. I just wasn’t able to show them on Blogger.The middle picture shows the 6 Little House ornaments I’ve done. I adore them! I already have them out for Christmas because I just couldn’t wait anymore. The 2nd and 5th ones are freebies from the Sampler Girl and the last two I can’t remember. The 1st one may be The Primitive Hare. If anyone remembers let me know. Glad to be back and I will have more to post very soon since I am quite behind.

Happy Stitching!



One thought on “Yeah!!! I’m back online!

  1. Welcome back Maureen! All of your ornaments look great and I like your idea of stitching those tinys and making them into bracelets and such – cute!

    I mailed your package today. :o) Please let me know when it arrives.

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